One child at a time...

There are so many children that need our help. We are committed to long-term investment in the lives of individuals, by building relationships that last.

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Supporting children through education

We have direct links with a specific school in Kenya and seek to work with them in helping children without the necessities of regular food and uniforms.

Committed for the long-term

We don't believe in quick fixes - people deserve so much more than that. We are determined to be a reliable form of support for a limited (but growing) number of children to take them through their entire education.

Efficient Transparent Finances

Doing any good work needs resourcing and helping these children requires money. But we are determined to ensure that as much of what is given gets directly to where it is needed. We will not hide any costs from our supporters and will endeavour at every point to minimise and administrative costs.

Building direct relationships

We want to enable supporters in the UK to build relationships with those they are helping. To that end, we will do our best to share news, photos and any developing information to all our supporters. We aim to connect supporters directly with those benefitting from the gifts.

I am greatly encouraged by the level of support from local people for this charity. It has really captured the imagination of local Africans with their connections in Kenya and elsewhere. We can be confident that we are helping to meet a need, and our contributions are supporting children and giving them a future.
Rev'd Mike Cotterell, Vicar of St Paul’s Slough