About Us

Deserving Children Africa is a very small charity and we are registered with the Charity Commission. We came out of the passion of one woman, Salome Kimani, who had a vision to help children at her old school near one of the poorest parts of Kenya.

  • We are properly constituted according to the guidelines published by the Charity Commission.
  • We are a registered company, #07350692 and bank with NatWest in Slough. All our fundraising and expenditure is thus traceable and fully recorded. We keep full records
  • We are registered with the Charity Commission, #1155146.

Why another charity?

We are trying to do something very specific: to help people in the UK, mostly around Stoke Poges and north Slough, to help these desperately needy children. Larger charities can do so much more, but can sometimes lose that direct relationship between those giving and receiving.

Many child sponsorship programmes and larger operations incur significant administration costs, meaning that some of the money you give does not get to those who need it. Whilst we value good administration, we are able to significantly reduce the costs of this. When necessary we will fund-raise separately to cover the costs of any administrative work, meaning that the all money you give will always go to help these children.